Hey there.

This is me.

Ok, not really. But it’s how I feel when I look in the mirror.

This is really me.

Stuck between a namaskaram and a howdy.
Writing has been my outlet for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t taught or bred, it was just me. The secret to getting a thought out of my head is getting it down on paper.

I’m a single 20-something living in Texas under my parents’ roof. Again.
I’m a grown-up but not quite.
Follow me as I try to do something with what’s been given.
{Romans 8:28}

Now, let’s get something out of the way quick: 
1. Yes, I’m Indian. No, I’m not Hindu. Yes, there is a difference.
2. I’m Christian. Yes, there are Christians in India.
3. No, I don’t speak Indian. I understand & read Malayalam. (WHAT?) Yep, look it up here. I can also speak it if necessary.
4. And yes, my parents’ house occasionally always smells like Indian food. But holy moly, is it gooooood.