04 January 2013

I'm into threesomes.

Eavesdropping is a past time of mine. While chowing down a quick dinner, I heard this:

"Logan definitely loves you. I mean, he has waited 2 years for you."

A usual beginning of a bad conversation. 

The problem: 
1. Love is assumed to be equal to the patience a guy has for sex.
2. Sex is being talked about within a dating relationship, not marriage.
3. It is also assumed that there's a right time to have sex other than after marriage. 

This conversation is too common and we only have ourselves to blame.


Because we give our girls the "sex talk" when we should be giving the "your worth" talk.  
Because we're showing our girls that life is complete after marriage when its really complete after death.

Girls, you are not saving yourself for a boy. You're saving yourself for God.

Boys, a girl is not your reward. You don't get to take her to bed because you love her or because you were patient enough to wait two, three or five years. If you are blessed enough to be married to a woman, she is God's gift to you.

Let's speak to our loved ones in a way that says, "I know you're worth more. I know you belong to more." Maybe, if we spoke and taught with this mindset, things would change.

Maybe, if we stopped trying to take God out of the equation...

It's not Boy Meets Girl. 
It's Boy meets God. Girl meets God. God brings Boy and Girl together. 
Boy and Girl glorify God together. 
It's a threesome. 

How's that for wild?

03 January 2013

Lost in 2012

Unfortunately, I'm a clutz. Have been my whole life. So much that my mother has given up on me.
In fact, I spilled water on my desk while writing this!

Things have not changed and on my downtime, I compiled this list of things I've lost in the last year. I don't even want to add up the cost.

1. Kindle. I left it on a plane. I think about it every day. Not to mention, it was a Kindle Touch-- the model Amazon sells no more.

2. Fav Black Cardi. I got it on sale at LOFT. It was so soft and had glass buttons.
Last seen: On a chair... somewhere.

3. My Gray Peacoat. This was a recent loss. It was a only 35 bucks at Target so I don't feel so bad. I left it at the salon where I got a bad dye job. So I'm scared to go back there...I'll let you know if I find the courage.

4. All the earrings I own. I no longer waste my parents' money, I waste my own. And my ears are bare.

5. Lucy. This one is sad but my dog passed away last year (read about her here). It was all of sudden and I miss her so much. My dad did a wonderful thing and buried her in the backyard. A sprouting lemon tree stands in her place.

6. Free oil changes. I lost this by going over 25,000 miles in the new car. Goodbye money that I could have used to buy a new Kindle.

Well, that was depressing enough.

02 January 2013

Catch Up

There's a great website--Foxgram-- that prints your Instagrams. I got mine this week and they're so gorgeous. It's great to be able to capture moments from your life with just a tap of the phone but I haven't gotten over having them tangible. In a shoebox or on the wall.

The end of 2012 was a whirlwind.

I traveled to Chicago for a company trip. It was my first "grown-up" trip. My cousin Cibi came along and we went all around the city. I ate deep dish pizza, hurt my neck checking out the skyscrapers, and enjoyed looking out the coast.

I watched my niece cousin Suraya grow up. She's a girly girl to the max, with the tutus and headbands. The moment I walk in the door, she drags me upstairs to show off her shoe collection! She keeps me young.

Speaking of young, my great uncle turned 7-0 this year. People had plenty of good things to say about him. I hope I can lead a life like him. He is good to all.

Me and Ricky. Oh, me and Ricky. I can't believe he's been in my life for only 2 years, it seems longer. I can't imagine not coming home to him.

My college friends have transitioned into my adult life friends. Though we live far apart we find time to see one another...and we have a groupme. It keeps us talking and up on each others' lives.

2013 will be so good. God has been faithful and he will continue in His love.
It a year full on unknowns but there's no reason to fear the world.  We are saved by The One who overcame it. 

01 January 2013

I'm back.

Creepy, right?

I thought the first day of the year may be the best day to resurrect the blog.

Faith is something I've written about several times. The lack of it, how God requires it, and that your relationship with God is nil without it.

You can also take it too far.

Give me a second to explain.

I'm grateful to have the kind of relationship with God where we speak to one another. I can honestly say that I speak to God and He speaks back to me. You're probably just as blessed as I am!

We pray and He answers. Many times, I ask for affirmation or for discernment. Am I making the right decision? In which direction should I go?

This time, I asked for God's blessing on a decision and He gave it to me. How amazing! I was jumping up and down.

Sadly, I took his blessing and took it farther than it was meant. In other words, I took God's blessing on one thing, and applied it to another. Something, that in hindsight, did not have His blessing. 

We know the rest of the story. Things fell apart and I had to depend on God to pick them up again.

Because of God's grace, I'm going to be ok. His grace is sufficient and His mercies are new every morning.

But I'm not going to forget the thin line I crossed here.

We can't manipulate God. We can't ask for His blessing and twist His words. 

I wouldn't do that to a friend, how could I do that to the Creator of the Universe? Our close relationship with God is a privilege. Let's not take it for granted.