19 December 2010

Carol your heart out.

I haven't kept up with blogging (so sorry) but now that school is over and the only thing I have to do now is find a job--I have time.

With it being the last semester of college and all, the holidays culminated around graduation and not Christmas. But now the graduation hoopla is over with and I came back home to the age old tradition of caroling.

As far as I can remember, Christmas is probably the most celebrated holiday in Kerala. When I was 12, I'd stand at the gate with my family on Christmas Eve and wait for the carolers to come through in a parade with lighted torches singing carols and proclaiming the birth of Christ.

I'm guessing that's where the tradition of our modern day caroling in Texas came from. Our prayer group travels to each others' houses, bringing with them drums and Santa apparel. The family welcomes them with plenty of food and the carolers sing their hearts out.

We're not talking about Silent Night here.

Our Malayalam carols are upbeat, you-can't-help-but-start-dancing praise songs that go on and on and get faster with each verse until you can't possibly sing or clap any faster.

You may not understand the language but surely you can understand the happiness.

Texas winter isn't harsh enough, the lights on the tree aren't bright enough, but the voices of our families and dear ones are shouting our of pure joy and love. This is what makes Christmas feel like Christmas.

Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing.