04 July 2015

My Anchor, My Lord

from treehousetheaternyc.com
I'm a water baby, I'm sure of it. I'm only learning how to swim now at age 26 but I never allowed my fear or inability to stay above water keep me from getting wet. However, I realize that unless I want to increase my odds of dying, I should learn. I started taking classes about a month ago and I'm so proud of my progress! My teacher called it a miracle and I'd agree with her, especially since I was terrified to get my face wet that first class and today I floated on my own!

Every class is a crossroad of faith. How much deeper am I going to go? Am I going to trust myself? My instructor? The water? The feeling I had floating today symbolized the trust I have to take off of myself and put on the Lord.

I think about Peter, who Jesus called out onto the water. At first, he begins walking and then forgets-- his faith transfers from Jesus to himself which cannot keep him up. He begins to sink. I know that feeling, both emotionally and now physically. Below are thoughts that were swimming in my head about this feeling and the truth of Christ. Recently I've been convicted of our generation's over-leniency on prayer. Don't get me wrong, prayer is an intimate and wonderful thing, but we can use it as a crutch to keep ourselves from acting out in faith. What would happen if we just DID a little more? I'm trying to live that out in my own life, no more crippling myself or God by waiting for some sign when the fact that God not closing the door is sign enough! I hope you'll have faith to dive in head first with me, friend.

I need my feet to touch the floor
But you say no.
Head first, arms straight,
Dive in, I've got you.
But God.
I close my eyes and forget.
My legs sink like a needle point.
I lose my footing.
The water rises,
He catches me.

My child, trust me.
But God, I say.
I need to be grounded.
I need to know what's below me.
I'm below you, He says.
I'm all around you.
I'm your anchor.

I won't let go, I can't let go.
Fear not, for I created all of this.
So dive in, head first.

Faith in your feet, you'll sink.
Faith in me, you'll soar.
In the midst of waves crashing,
Waters rising,
Truth remains.
I'm your anchor.
Stay tied to me and you cannot drown.