06 October 2010


I announce that this blog is back to its true colors, only to present the public with views on little things and big things that may or may not have to do with journalism, college, current events and the like.

It's good to be back. Now that I have compartmentalized my blogs (find my PR blog at www.prequalsnincy.blogspot.com ), I can talk about this week.

Like many over-analyzers, I started this semester with a few goals in mind. Don't skip class, make a 4.0, spend time with the Lord everyday, find a job...I could keep going. Thing is, I've failed at all of these. This week is when it all came a tumblin' down.

I've been a funk. After analysis, it seems that its just the middle of the semester. THAT time of year. When a college student remembers that once must exhale to inhale again. Ha, and all this time I was holding my breath. Well, it's Thursday. Then the next day is Friday, and then Saturday.

Saturday. The day when I will take a big breath in, and out. Make sticky notes on my mirror that remind that I can't miss class, unless I want a B (boo) and remember to not to focus on the waves but the Man who walks on them. Amen.
In other news, read this book. Practicing the Presence of God.

A simple read but intense. Pause between conversations and reflect on this one man's passion, child-like faith and servant attitude. It's not only saints that are called.

Post dedicated to Caroline