New here?

Welcome to The Daily Inspired. 

Where I got the name for the blog?
I stole it. Well, I saw it somewhere and decided that it was a perfect name for my blog. Unfortunately, I'm not consistent enough to keep up with a themed blog. Posts here are solely based on adventures, conversations, books and where my mind travels through the day. 

Some posts to get you started:

In Hindsight
My past isn't a pretty one but it's made me who I am. Most recently, I've struggled finding my first job after college. This gap in time wouldn't have been so hard IF I didn't think I was such an amazing writer,  and that I wouldn't have to wait long at all. So much for a glamorous writing career...
I finished!
My first 5K, that is. Not a big deal? Read about my exercise history. Then, read about my first running experience
Post-Grad Life
Working in an office wasn't what I thought it would be. Some of you might agree...
My Friends
I love them. They were my family for almost 4 years in college. We met freshman year. I went on my own way sometimes but they were always to take me back. No questions asked. No judgment passed. Now I know that they are friends to treasure forever.