21 November 2011

In Joyful Expectancy

First off, I'm thankful to have friends that keep me honest, accountable to them and God and convict me of simple yet Godly truths. I'm thankful to have people to struggle and seek answers with! Like this one...

When was the last time I truly trusted the Lord with something? Something big, I mean. Something that I had no control over and no idea how it would turn out. I can tell you what I'm not fully entrusting in my God's hands--my future. I say I am in my prayers but as we know actions speak louder than words and for God--I'm sure they are coming in loud and clear. I can't trust you!

Now why am I scared of trusting God? As far as I can recall, He's been more than good to me, providing for me abundantly, giving me shelter from the rain and showering grace and mercy like it grew on trees.

Unlike other short term problems that had a vague shadow about them so I could somewhat make them out, this future issue just looks like a deep, dark hole.

 Really, I don't know understand how each mid-20 year old is not in therapy right now.

But I want to turn my cringing thoughts about the things unseen into joyful ones. I want to be able to genuinely say that I anticipate the work of the Lord in my life! This takes work but with much discipline and accountability, this will be a reality. Not because I'm saying it will but because God has made it very clear that this is His will. For all of us!

My life is on the ups right now but that only means that a storm is up ahead. I'm ready to see what he has for me as I have no greater want than to see his purpose to completion.

I wait in joyful expectation.

"For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20

13 November 2011

In Nincy fashion, I'm writing about something before I do it. I'm sitting down (with my dog) about to begin writing my first bible study.

This is exciting. Since Youth Retreat (which you can read about here), I've felt the call to invest in the young girls of my community. After praying, stalling, and overcoming some obstacles, it's finally happening and I am so excited.

My life thus far has culminated to this moment. I have never been a "star" Christian but I think that's the point. My God has pruned me for 23 years and though I am no where near finished, He has equipped me for this. If you were sitting with me right now, it would be obvious.

I've come downstairs into my "reading room." It's actually the formal living room that no one uses and thus no one can find me here. Well, it's not the first place they look. I gathered books I've read, bible studies I've used and past bibles I've written in for the past ten years. It's more than a backpack full and I just have to stop and think--He's done all this work in me FOR A REASON. This bible study may not be the only reason but it's definitely one of them.

Pray for me. I'm on a high right now, very encouraged by the feedback I've received so far. But I know it's going to be difficult and may not be exactly what I'm expecting.
...have I mentioned that I am so excited?

08 November 2011

What I'm reading.

I bought myself a Kindle Touch for my birthday. It's not here yet but in anticipation, I'm already using my cloud reader. I started with a free one--Pride and Prejudice. My friend was watching the movie that I intentionally avoid. What's the big deal about it anyway? Who in the world is Mr. Darcy? She mentioned that I should at least read it. So now I am. I'm in Chapter 13--Mr. Darcy is falling in love with Elizabeth and she may or may not have any idea.

I'm also reading The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. Now, this is a book I highly encourage everyone I know to read. Please, don't be intimidated that I'm a single woman reading a book about marriage. It's really more than that. It's about life and what kind of approach you're meant to take toward all relationships for them to bring glory to God and joy to yours and their lives. I also like to be prepared. I'm on chapter three in that one.

I'll let you know how these bad boys end. Or you could pick it up yourselves.

03 November 2011

Mixed Blessings

I saw this picture on my Facebook news feed yesterday.

Photo courtesy of National Geographic
You may ask the same question I did: is this real? It may also induce some nausea and dry tongue.
With the recent floods in Pakistan, areas received 8 to 16 inches of rain in four days--the amount of precipitation the country usually sees in a year. As the rivers rose, spiders sought refuge in the trees, spinning these intricate and giant webs.

What we may catergorize as disgusting and repulsive, Pakistan has received it as a blessing.
Many trees have died because the webs keep sunlight from reaching the leaves. But the webs have also helped trap more mosquitos in the region, reducing the risk of malaria, a usual by-product of such downpour.

"Normally after a flood, the remaining stagnant water provides more opportunities for mosquitoes to breed. But people in Sindh reported far fewer mosquitoes than expected following the recent crisis" (National Geographic).

What an ugly and beautiful blessing for the people of Sindh!

02 November 2011


I don't do much of it. Don't get me wrong, i always try! There was that weight training class where I didn't push myself too hard and the moment I did (darn you short circuit training), I threw up. Somehow, I earned a B in that class.

Then there was my attempt at Spinning. I think I made it through two sessions and almost passed out through half of that.

Yoga wasn't too bad. I love Zumba. But now, I'm running.

I hated running for 22 years but now in my 23rd, I'm learning to enjoy it. There's a goal in mind: a 5K in March benefitting the Human Rights Inititative (HRI). There's also a free t-shirt involved.

With the assistance of a training schedule (if you're looking for one, try Couch to 5K) and three other ladies for moral support, I will be ready to run and able to do it with no huffing and puffing!

...hopefully, I won't give up.