29 July 2011

Stop blaming the President.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the country is about to be halted from borrowing and spending any more money since we've reached our debt ceiling. After President Obama's speech, many responded by blaming the him for the crisis we are now in and have ~4 days to resolve.

I just have one thing to say: stop blaming the president. Stop reiterating about how you didn't vote for him in 2008 and you're not voting for him in 2012. The question is who did you vote for in 2010?

I myself only learned last year how limited his role is. We pay so much of our attention and efforts to electing our executive leader when in reality, society needs to be more concerned with who we place in the House and Senate.

Do you know who your representatives are? Do you know if they have the leadership skills and experience necessary to make and push policies you and I are willing to foot the check for?

This is the real problem and the reason why right now, we have a House [and Senate] that is so broken and polarized that they can't pass a bill to save us from another economic catastrophe.

I can't say that when I fill out my ballot I know without a doubt that the person I'm voting for has the qualifications to lead my district/state/country. But after watching this mess for the past week, I'm going to start caring now and you should, too.

27 July 2011


 In exactly one month I will be attending my first legit concert and I am stoked.

My favorite country singer, Keith Urban is performing at the American Airlines Center. My sweetest friend and fellow country lover, Caroline will be witnessing this greatness beside me.

For those who have never heard of Keith, let me tell you that he's the epitome of man in many ways.

First, he's an Aussie which means he has that distinct "it's on the barbie" accent.
Second, he plays guitar. I wish he'd play me like that. <--I may regret this sentence later.
Third, he's a bad boy romantic. He sings about love better than any other singer I know. And he knows EXACTLY what a girl wants to hear.
The bad boy image comes from his tattoos, long, unwashed hair and earrings. We must not judge by the cover, friends.
Fourth, he's a family man. He sings about his wife and daughters all the time.

He's a great artist and underrated in the country music industry.

You wanna listen to him!? Here you go.

20 July 2011


The first time I heard that music was chemical, I was unemployed and watching Hoda and Kathie Lee on the Today show. Side note: If Hoda and Kathie Lee didn't show up every day at 10 AM, I would only wake up for lunch.

Hoda has a "Hoda's Playlist" segment where she previews and usually sings her favorite song of the week and Kathie Lee usually has something critical to say. She plays fast songs, slow songs, rap, hip hop, pop, country... and each time she had a dramatically different reaction to the music. It could be a sway, nod, a smile, laugh, or the intense shake. This segment had only entertainment value UNTIL I started working.
Being hyper-sensitive to external circumstances, music is my therapy and below, I give all my readers a free session.
Hold Me, Jamie Grance ft. TobyMac
How to Love, Lil' Wayne
Good Life, OneRepublic
Never Gonna Leave This Bed, Maroon5

Need to focus?
The Show Goes on, Lupe Fiasco
Dirt Road Anthem, Jason Aldean
Livin' on a Prayer, Bon Jovi

Jam Session:Distant Places, Penn Masala
Because of You/Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai, Penn Masala
Everyday People, The Sly Family Stone
Do You Remember, Jay Sean ft. Lil' Wayne
Tonight, Tonight- Hot Chelle Rae
The Edge of Glory, Lady Gaga
Put You In A Love Song, Keith Urban
Super Bass, Nicki Minaj
Barefoot Blue Jean Night, Jake Owen
It Feels So Good, Steven Tyler

Feelin' the Love?
Colder Weather, Zac Brown Band
For The First Time, The Script
Oh, It Is Love, hellogoodbye

Made in America, Toby Keith
When I Think About The Lord, Shane & Shane (anything Shane & Shane, really)

How's that for eclectic? Btdubs, if you want my Grooveshark playlist, let me know. ;)

Share your favorites below!

19 July 2011

My cup spills over. --Retreat 2011

There is so much to write about.

First, let me tell you about my anxiety before retreat. I wasn't sure why I was going except I knew that I needed to go. My brother was co-convener and spent countless days and nights preparing, praying and fundraising for this weekend. I've seen his bedroom light on past 10 pm and until recently that was unheard of in the Mathew household. But other than a genuine obligation to support my brother, I can't say I wanted to go to retreat for any other reason. I had not been to one since I was 16 and other than fellowship with my brothers and sisters, I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.

After this weekend, I can say that the fellowship is enough. It's been pounded through my head for the past couple years that Christianity is just as much about your own personal relationship with Christ as it is about investing in your community-believers and unbelievers. I'll even say you can't have one without the other.

There is an encouragement and conviction that comes from standing next to your sister and singing praises to our only King. There is strength that comes from sharing your needs and weaknesses in a small group. We need to know we are not alone.

On a lighter note!
Riding to retreat in the car that oinked.
Not checking the clock all weekend. (It's probably after midnight anyway.)
PTJ and TPN. Those who don't know wish they did. Those who don't which they didn't.
Feeling like a freshman again each time we went through the cafeteria to get food.
Having a spirit that lines up with my 12 year old friends more than my 22 year old ones. I've accepted that.
FOOSBALL CHAMPION and our victory dance.
Taking a thousand pictures with all the same people.

Each day was better than the last.

14 July 2011


My dad is into texting now. You could say it's my fault. I made it clear that I respond better to texts than voicemail messages or calls, especially when I'm out. So now he will randomly text me to ask me how I am, what I'm doing....if he needs something (like today he wanted my work address for the insurance company), he'll text me his question and expect me to respond. Right away.

But one thing stays the same. At the end of each text there's an LU.
Lu? Was this a mistake? Did his swollen fingers press down on the most random buttons on his BlackBerry? Was this short for some word in Malayalam that he just expected me to know!?!

Then I thought about it. Love you. It's sweet, right? That's kind of the way he talks, too.

He scolds me and then he hugs me and says he loves me. He tells me I'm skin and bones and I need to eat something and then he tells me he loves me. He makes fun of me for being lazy and messy and then he tells me he loves me.

I'm not very good at saying it back but today I sent a reply.

LU2. Chances are he got it.

07 July 2011

Fourth of July

Time is so limited nowadays!
I want to quickly talk about my 4th of July weekend.
First off, I had high expectations. Mostly, because I wanted it to somewhat be like my Fourth of July last year which I spent in Washington, DC. You can read about it here. Yes, I know. What was I thinking? Obviously, my experience in Dallas was not going to rival that of the nation's capital! But still, I had the expectations and I was guaranteed to be disappointed IF I wasn't going to be at all flexible and open-minded.

Do you feel a lesson coming on?

My weekend was great. A friend from Waco was able to randomly join me in Dallas and we partook in the American past time of eating dessert before dinner and watching fireworks-- evidently the best fireworks in the nation?-- from the service road of the Dallas North Tollway along with many other fellow Americans who were too lazy to drive through traffic and get to the park.

The fireworks were beautiful AND better than the ones in DC. The company also made the night sweeter.
But it was nothing like my holiday last year and that's ok. Isn't that what makes days special anyway? That none of them are ever the same? There I go being optimistic again...

01 July 2011

Survival kit for the newly working.

The work week is hard and it's easy to get stressed and overwhelmed.
These are just a couple of awesome things that keep me from going crazy.

1.) Twitter.
Now I'm not the best tweeterer, but twitter is where I learn most of my breaking news and necessary as well as unnecessary information. And seeing that a quick 2 minute glance down your feed is all you need to be up to date, it saves time as well. No need to isolate yourself from the world just because you're working. (Image link)

2.) Dresses.
You're reading the most of a very ungirly girl. I would never wear dresses but in this TX heat, I don't know how I survived. And if you're the low maintenance type, I ask you, what is more low maintenance than a dress?! Pull it on and go.

3.) Slatkin & Co. Candles
Currently, I burn tropical spice and citrus flower during my showers. I just have the tealights but they're strong candles and there are millions of scents. Buy here: Bath & Body Works

4.) Wedges.
Corporate America looks down upon flip-flops --the ultimate shoe in my (college kid) mind-- so I've had to upgrade to a shoe that makes it seem like I'm trying but is still comfortable for an 8 (or 10) hour workday. Again, if you're a low maintenance girl who has claustrophobic feet, buy a wedge. (Image link)

5.) Grooveshark.
I don't know how they do it, but this website allows to listen to as much music as you want with NO ADS. Yes, no ads. I stopped listening to Pandora a loooonng time ago. You should to. The website has virtually every song you can think of. Not much Keith Urban though. I try not to hold it against them.

I thought I was going to keep it to 5 but I just thought of one more.

6.) Nestle/ Carnation Breakfast Essentials
This breakfast drink saves my life. Before work, I do not have the time to make and eat a complete breakfast. It takes me 30 minutes to pick out my outfit for goodness sake. < I'm working on it.
This drink is packed with proteins and vitamins; you put 1/3 cup of powder into a cold glass of milk and stir. That's it! It's the perfect breakfast that you can drink on your commute and it holds your over till lunch. (Image link)

So you should get a twitter account, buy a dress (or two), a pair of wedges (or two), smelly candles, a grooveshark account and a breakfast drink.

A relatively cheap post, eh? What helps you survive your work week? 
P.S--Happy long weekend!