16 August 2010

Equal in His eyes

The Muslim controversy happening right now can and will change history and the culture of America for a long time.

Though "Islamo-phobia" has been around for 10ish years, this is the most public and visual event where it is evident. 

Mosques have been burned and destroyed, rallies and protests against the construction of the mosque and even the people and religion itself is wrong. It's hatred. And when done in Christ's name, it is sin. 

Do we still believe every Muslim is a terrorist? An extremist?

This community center that may be built at Ground Zero should strengthen the people in that area and remind them that ISLAM is not the problem. 

It's poverty, lack of education and propaganda. 

Not allowing a mosque or religious center to be built will not stop terrorism. I believe it only adds fire to the flame. 

Where is our tolerance? Where is our love? 

We burn this bridge and it will be a long time before we can build one again. 

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  1. For a while I considered taking your view point, but have now taken the opposite stance. My original point was that Islam doesn't represent terrorism.

    Many Muslims say that 911 was carried out by radicals that don't represent true Islamic teaching. Now I don't know enough to know if that is true or not and in fact I want to believe that, BUT the fact remains that there is a strong American perception that terrorist acts and Islam go hand in hand.

    This belief is probably similar to what Jewish people think of Christians. Now you and I as Christians both know that Hitler was about as far from Christianity as a person can possibly be, but to Jewish people many view Hitler and the teachings of Jesus (who they don't believe is the Messiah) as one.

    Any governing body that truly recognizes the pain and suffering of the Holocaust for any and all Jewish people should respect them if they so desire to prevent a Christian church from being built next to some kind of holocaust monument or center. Humanity should afford them the right to mourn without Christianity right up in their face. So I would applaud Jewish leaders that strike down the building of a Christian center next to a holocaust site just like I would leaders who would block the building of an Islamic center from being built close by ground zero in New York.

    Now one might argue that putting a Christian center or house of worship next to a holocaust monument would be the right thing to do to show love for the Jewish people and break down ridiculous beliefs that Hitler and Christianity are linked in any way. To that I say "Yes, we as Christians must love all Jewish people and show them Christ's love to break down the Christian/Hitler stereotypes, BUT please don't do this by erecting a building in a place where they are mourning. They've already gone through enough."

    Finally, I view putting this Mosque next to a 911 monument in New York city as no better than the radical Christian-freaks who stalk families at funerals with horrible signs that say things like "God hates fags." Now I do believe that homosexuality is wrong and a sin, but when someone has lost a family member and is at a funeral that is NOT the time to try and witness to them. These freaks hold some truths but misrepresent Christ through hate messages at a very vulnerabe time in the family members' life. It is just plain wrong!

    And that's what I see here in this situation--a in-your-face mentality. Respect the families of New York city as they mourn. If Islam wants to win the battle of breaking down terrorist stereotypes with their religion, they should find another place to make that happen. It's the only right thing to do for a city that has not only suffered but still lives with a masked fear of more attacks.