13 March 2012

Burnt out.

So I have my second 5K next weekend and surprise! I haven't run since the last one.

That's a lie. I've attempted to run but given up midway. I'm just so burnt out! I've seen the light of the tunnel already and I don't feel like turning back. When the guilt builds up, I punish myself with Jillian Michaels.

The cholesterol scare has made me want to keep up the running. I see the difference in my body (paunch is coming back) but still can't get myself off the bed, couch, chair... (can I blame the time change?)

Any tips for motivation? Why is getting back on the horse so much harder the second time?


  1. change it up kid. try swimming or biking

  2. :) Hi! You're right I need to change it up.
    I can't swim. I don't own a bike. Maybe I'll try kick boxing?