26 February 2011

New Paint

A productive Saturday at its best. I sit on my couch with paint-splattered hands and new set of clothing. My family and I just retouched the paint on our house for the last three hours. Actually, it might have been five, but I've only been on the clock for three. After shaving 6 years off the walls, we sit content and ready for lunch.

Nowadays, I'm happy to do these things-to work with my hands and see a tangible result come out of my time. Mostly because I spend a lot of my time doing nothing now.

Yep. I finally admit it blog friends. I'm an unemployed graduate of a really expensive school.

Don't get me wrong. I'm working on the becoming employed part. I also read and help out where I can.

This isn't easy. I'd rather be using my hands to write than to freshen up the walls. It's hard not to question my abilities or my work. Or my dreams.

Then, I watched 127 Hours (is it bad that I'm easily inspired by a movie?). Those who are down on their luck or losing steam, I recommend this for you! Watching this man's story makes you realize, maybe my life isn't that bad. 

Aron Ralston, experienced canyoneer, had a boulder smash his arm and trap him in Blue John Canyon for five days with limited food or water. There was a point where he had to drink his own urine to keep himself alive. He tried relentlessly to lift the boulder but realized that if he was wanted to live, he had to amputate his arm.

He decided he wanted to live. He still climbs, has a wife and little boy.
So here I am again, counting my blessings. Other than my employment (under construction) my complaints are few. 

Call me Ms. Optimism but I'm putting another layer of paint on my walls and calling it a day. 

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