11 October 2011

Change really is good. Always.

A couple months ago, I attended Women of Faith and one of my favorite speakers at the conference was Patsy Clairmont. first off, she's a model woman for any one over 50. Let's just say, she had sass.
Patsy told a story about one her sons being ill. Her mantra was "change is good." Though his disease was getting worse, she told herself, "change is good." When the hospital he was staying at told her that they could no longer treat him and he had to be moved, she told herself,"change is good." As she was telling her story, I couldn't imagine having the same attitude that she had. I know I wouldn't be that way.

As things are now changing in my life (for the better), I'm definitely telling myself, "change is good." I just want to remember this moment...make a mental note for the future.
Sooner or later, something is going to change and I'm going to be as stubborn as an ox about it. But who am I to be happy one minute and angry the next? It's all change.

And as I've stated before, change is good.

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