04 September 2012

My Girls

I've written about the amazing group of girls I met in college numerous times.
I met them my freshman year in way that couldn't have anything but destined by God.
We took care of one another and no one could replace them in my life, but when I graduated and moved back to Dallas, I had to find my "place" again. It took some searching but I found them exactly where I left them.

Meet my sisters. 

In a short time, we have created the most vulnerable and hilarious memories. Though I've grown up with these ladies, I was hesitant to invest in friendships with them, unsure that they could provide the kind of genuine relationship I expected.

How dense was I. 

I've taken to this group like my dog takes to...everything. I can't imagine sharing life with any one else.

When others are spending what few summer days they have feeding into the world, they have been feeding themselves with the Word, crashing on couches, gross camp beds and some pretty nice hotel rooms, absorbing all that they can before entering the world again.

These girls love God, love each other, and proclaim the Gospel by living sincerely, by living the life God wanted us to. Full of joy, good nature, forgiveness and prayer. 

These are my girls (and I would have written them a blog post whether they asked me to or not). 

What friendships have you made that have changed your life? The way God puts certain people in your life at certain points in your life is proof that there is someone higher in control. 

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