02 January 2013

Catch Up

There's a great website--Foxgram-- that prints your Instagrams. I got mine this week and they're so gorgeous. It's great to be able to capture moments from your life with just a tap of the phone but I haven't gotten over having them tangible. In a shoebox or on the wall.

The end of 2012 was a whirlwind.

I traveled to Chicago for a company trip. It was my first "grown-up" trip. My cousin Cibi came along and we went all around the city. I ate deep dish pizza, hurt my neck checking out the skyscrapers, and enjoyed looking out the coast.

I watched my niece cousin Suraya grow up. She's a girly girl to the max, with the tutus and headbands. The moment I walk in the door, she drags me upstairs to show off her shoe collection! She keeps me young.

Speaking of young, my great uncle turned 7-0 this year. People had plenty of good things to say about him. I hope I can lead a life like him. He is good to all.

Me and Ricky. Oh, me and Ricky. I can't believe he's been in my life for only 2 years, it seems longer. I can't imagine not coming home to him.

My college friends have transitioned into my adult life friends. Though we live far apart we find time to see one another...and we have a groupme. It keeps us talking and up on each others' lives.

2013 will be so good. God has been faithful and he will continue in His love.
It a year full on unknowns but there's no reason to fear the world.  We are saved by The One who overcame it. 

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