03 January 2013

Lost in 2012

Unfortunately, I'm a clutz. Have been my whole life. So much that my mother has given up on me.
In fact, I spilled water on my desk while writing this!

Things have not changed and on my downtime, I compiled this list of things I've lost in the last year. I don't even want to add up the cost.

1. Kindle. I left it on a plane. I think about it every day. Not to mention, it was a Kindle Touch-- the model Amazon sells no more.

2. Fav Black Cardi. I got it on sale at LOFT. It was so soft and had glass buttons.
Last seen: On a chair... somewhere.

3. My Gray Peacoat. This was a recent loss. It was a only 35 bucks at Target so I don't feel so bad. I left it at the salon where I got a bad dye job. So I'm scared to go back there...I'll let you know if I find the courage.

4. All the earrings I own. I no longer waste my parents' money, I waste my own. And my ears are bare.

5. Lucy. This one is sad but my dog passed away last year (read about her here). It was all of sudden and I miss her so much. My dad did a wonderful thing and buried her in the backyard. A sprouting lemon tree stands in her place.

6. Free oil changes. I lost this by going over 25,000 miles in the new car. Goodbye money that I could have used to buy a new Kindle.

Well, that was depressing enough.

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