20 May 2011


I've been a bit perturbed since last night.
NO, it's not because the Mavericks lost at home to Oklahoma City Thunder yesterday, tying the series at 1-1. Or because the season finale for The Office yesterday was a total cliffhanger...(just tell us that Jim Carrey's replacing Carrell already!).

Last night, a priest and his family made plans to come to my house for dinner. Now this wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't have the father I have. You see, most of his identity comes from food. He's the guy who's known for his cooking--indian and barbeque. Though it comes off as smothering at times, he prides himself on being the best host. Therefore, this visit was an EVENT.

My father made barbeque (chicken, pork and steak), salad, potatoes and fresh strawberries and grapes for dessert. Now this would all be fine and expected IF the priest showed up WITH his family.

Priest man apologized, said that daughter did not get home from school until late and still had homework to do; so the family stayed home.

This still would not have been so bad IF priest man stayed to have dinner.
That's right. He left with two take-out bags, it was almost 10 and I still had no food in my stomach.

Friends, let's remember, if you make dinner plans, keep them. If you can't, then have the decency to call and tell your host before they slave over a hot, smoky grill for 2 hours and marinate meat for you the night before. That way, you also won't have an angry girl writing about you and your ill-manners, eating charred meat for 3 nights in a row. 

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