17 May 2011

Putting my foot down...

(Note: this is a very self-absorbed post. Tonight, that's ok. I'm experimenting. Bon appetit.) 

on my hair. Oh this head of dense, dead stuff. It grows (?) too fast. Really. My hair stylist (lady at Pro-Cuts) vouched for me two weeks ago. I can't go one month without taking scissors to the darn thing. Whatever, I realize this is the last thing I should be complaining about. My hair is the only thing I got going for me. If I was keeping count (AND I'M NOT), I can assure you it's what I get the most compliments on. Love/hate relationship I guess.

Well, new advancement in my hair coming soon. I was inspired by the new cut revealed by Dianna Agron.

Yea? Nay? C'mon, you can't be against this. Well, that's it. I'm gonna save 50 dollars and run to Toni&Guy next week. Thanks for working through that with me, guys. Best. 

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