09 December 2011

The Office: When it isn't enough

Nine months of working in the real world and I've only written one post about it. Doesn't seem right.

Especially since I spend 8+ hours each day either at work, getting to it or leaving it. It's been interesting, to say the least. I appreciate the fact that no day is the same, a paper no longer means a 10-page report, and I have co-workers that I can more than exist with.

But I didn't realize how much of a priority I placed on what I did for a living until...well, I started doing something for a living. When I spend the majority of my day somewhere, I want to know that I've made a difference. Unfortunately, my job cannot fulfill this need for me. Perhaps, yours can't either.
So what do you do? There's the option of quitting your job and finding another one which is out of the question when you have student loans to pay off and a non-profit job just isn't feasible financially.

Here's the option I've discovered: find something else. Though you're spending 8 hours a day at work, you still have your evenings and your weekends. It may be tempting to spend those precious free hours glued to the television because you're too tired to do anything else but trust me, you'll have more energy to do your job well if you invest in other people outside of work.

God has impeccable timing, I know this because after working for a couple of months, he called a group of us to lead young women to Him through bible study and fellowship. When work is going awry and days get longer and longer, I can think on this and find joy and know that His purpose is greater than I can see.

I know none of our efforts, either at work or outside it go unnoticed. Our God sees all good and rewards all good. But if you need this void filled and filling it through work is not a current choice, giving your talents and time to others can meet that need.

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