14 December 2011

Swiping that Visa never felt so good.

With a job (and money), I've had the pleasure of picking, buying, and wrapping gifts for my family this year and it's put me in a cheery mood.
Is there anything better than giving when you don't have to? Giving out of choice, not obligation? It's one of the best rewards from having a salary this past year--no joke!
It hasn't been all great. Here's the not so fun parts.
1. Getting to the check out counter and finding out it's the cashier's first day.
2. Thinking that I'm all done shopping and ready to head home when I remember that I forgot to get a gift receipt.
3. Buying a toy, getting in the car, then realizing I didn't get the sale price.

Don't forget to give this Christmas. To your family, strangers and those in most need. You were also given a great Gift, and not because He had to.

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