23 June 2012

Happy Weekend.

So I lost my keys this week. It's been upsetting since I have no idea how I can lose something I use everyday. Praying that they will just show up. How's that for bold faith?

Before leaving the key situation to the Big Man, I was scouring my room for where I might have left the spare (no, I don't know where those are either. How I get around in life, I do not know.). Here's just a couple things I found.

Yes. A CD Walkman. I don't think it works. 

You may be happy or sad that I have this. Letters from high school. Late night AIM conversations. Some really funny memories and others were pretty sad. Friends and Acquaintances, I'm sorry for the person I was then. I would have slapped me multiple times but you stayed strong.

A really old picture of people I do not know. But seeing that I found it in mint condition, they must be important people and possibly family. So cool. 

And here's a teaser. Expensive stamps. Wondering why I bought expensive stamps? I'll tell you tomorrow! 

It's funny what you can find when you're looking for something.

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