18 June 2012

Under Construction.

All of Dallas seems to be under construction lately. This weekend I spent way too much time in the car and not enough time at my final destination. It took all that I am to not be frustrated at the waste of time and gas. But as I sat in the cloud of carbon monoxide and tail smoke, I started thinking about jams in our own life.

I had an appointment at the hair salon at 4 (that makes me sound so high maintenance but I don't cut my hair that often! Cut me some slack.) and it was already 3:30. That wasn't a problem until I found myself detoured from my usual route. I was driving down an unknown road, uncertain I would make it to my destination in time or at all.

Life is full of these moments. You think you know how you're going to get to X, but then comes along an obstacle--be it loss, drama, conflict, or just a change of events. Take a breath. The detour may be a better way. There's a reason why it's there. And trust the one who created the alternate route-- they have the best intentions and know the way out.

You're jammed for hours with nowhere to go. Patience is draining, the clock keeps moving but you have no control. Oh, and there's a headache coming on. You just have to wait it out. This can be the worst feeling, especially for type A people (like me) that always need to be doing something. Refrain from pulling your hair out, please.
Sometimes we just need to slow down. We're in a rush to get things done but why?
(Read my friend's post about her detox from productivity here.)

There's a reason for the slowdown.

Closed Roads-
When you come across this sign, there is nowhere to go but back. At least, in traffic or with detours you're still moving--you can take the nearest exit and get out.
When you come across these, have you ever thought, "Maybe I wasn't going the right way to begin with?"

I take these as blessings. Maybe not right away but when I look back, I see that I didn't want to go through that closed door. Most oftentimes, it leads to unnecessary sadness, hurt, or regret.

It's all about perspective, friends. Take a moment and think about your own obstacles. Didn't they add character or teach you something about yourself? About God? About life? Choose to see those moments in a different light. 

He's got you covered through all the roadblocks of life.

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