15 August 2012

I love it when I'm wrong.

Hope you'll hang out with me this week. I'll retell stories from this weekend's National Mar Thoma Youth Conference where more than 200 youths in the U.S. gathered in Houston, TX for fellowship and worship. 

That's a lie. I'm probably one of the most stubborn people on the face of this earth. I think I know-it-all and act like it, too. Sometimes, it gets me trouble and other times, I have the gumption to back it up.

My recent ego-ism: I did not think I was going to learn anything this weekend at conference. In recent years, I've learned a lot about the attributes of God through experience and scripture. So I must have gotten it all and know it all, right? So my main agenda was to have fun and enjoy being around people of same mind and thought.

I was undermining the Bible with just that one thought. And God showed up this weekend to prove me wrong.

Brad Cauley preached at Austin Stone Community Church for several years before moving to Houston where he serves now. After speaking to the Mar Thoma church at past conferences and retreats, he's familiar with the struggles and issues we face as a community.

Phenomenal doesn't begin to describe his talks. He prefaced with this warning, "God is going to wreck you this weekend."
He did not lie. I was so in awe; my jaw dropped and eyes didn't blink as He spoke awesome truths.

He divided the portrait of God in three--His Creation, His Power and His Image in us.
Basically, God has revealed himself to us so that we would reveal God to others through us. 
It's a complex statement which is why it took about four days to consume it all.

Brad's ability to create visuals and metaphors  (poop brownies, don't walk back to the Porta-Potty, the Do-God, etc.) that permanently sketch themselves in your brain were simple and down-to-earth. No matter your age, you did not walk out of his sermons fruitless.

Thanks Brad and the Holy Spirit for showing me up this weekend.
I love it when I'm wrong.

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