13 August 2012

Let me tell you about Chris Chacko.

Hope you'll hang out with me this week. I'll retell stories from this weekend's National Mar Thoma Youth Conference where more than 200 youths in the U.S. gathered in Houston, TX for fellowship and worship. 

Chris Chacko was a stranger to me until Friday night.
It was a moment none predicted.

I'd heard rumors of him before.
"You don't know the Chris Chacko?" they said.

No, I didn't. Not until I was hit strategically in my left eye by a flying dodgeball.
A dodgeball that was launched by none other than


Thus started this friendship between this 19(?) year old and I.
Yes, he is a cutie. But more than that, he loves Jesus. I didn't see him take that necklace off or the glow of faith on his face vanish for one moment this weekend. Meeting him was on the Top-5 highlight list for National Conference. I hope you're lucky enough to know him.

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