24 April 2014

My mama

This is not another obligatory post about my mom. Mother's Day is around the corner but my mom has been on my mind for other reasons.

This year, she made the decision to go back to school for her Bachelor's in Nursing. Like your mom (or most Indian women you may know), she completed her associate's degree and started working as a registered nurse. But standards in healthcare are changing and moms like mine are having to go back to school (after almost 30 years) to get their bachelor's degree if they want to continue working as a nurse.

I should add that I have nothing against this new standard but for my mom, it's hard. I think about the papers she'll have to write, tests she'll have to study for, assignments she'll have to do every week... It's stressful enough without the added complexity of learning how to write paper, what APA format is, and computer skills all at the same time.

But my mom is doing it. She's TACKLING it. In fact, I'm the one hiding under the covers, paralyzed by the hurdles in front of her and my mom is poised for battle. Bring it on, teach.

I didn't think my mom could make me any more proud. After 25 years, I thought I'd seen her do it all but she continues to amaze me. She gives me courage to not back down or allow an inconvenience keep me from achieving great things.

I'm so blessed to not have to look at the world for a role model. Mine is sitting across the kitchen table.

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