07 May 2012

To the graduating class of 2012

Inspired by my DPO Alphies, Beti and Gamma.
I thought it was necessary to let you guys in on a few secrets.

  1. Use your age to your advantage. We've grown up on cell phones and the internet. Facebook, websites and hyperlinks are second nature to us. Believe it or not, the rest of the world is not plugged in the same way. Your tech-savvyness will come in handy everyday. You'll be able to solve problems for yourself and your team (maybe even your boss) before they ever have to call IT. Not only will you be considered a whiz and not as useless as they thought, but you'll gain the trust of your colleagues pretty fast.
  2. Your major doesn't define you. Having a real job helps you visualize what you want your life to look like. When I was studying PR, I was under the assumption I'd be in meetings all the time. However, I'm usually in front of the computer. It's not horrible, but no one ever told me. Working for a bigger company also gives me a chance to observe other departments. I know what sales does and seeing it on a daily basis just affirms that I could never be a salesperson. Same for IT. But I wouldn't mind marketing and I'm thinking about going that route. Don't think because you're PR you have to work in a firm. Work for a non-profit. Transfer to a different department. Just do what makes you happy. 
  3. Your job doesn't define you either. For the first few months of working,all I did was work. I thought it was the great life: work fro 8 hours, come home and veg. That routine got boring fast. Personally, I crave to make a difference every day. Staring at a screen doesn't feel very purposeful. In fact, I was drained. Until, I started giving back and spending some of my off-hours with people, helping them and serving them, I was not happy. Slowly, my energy was coming back. Try to find a non-profit to work with, no matter how small. 
  4. It's going to be hard to adjust. If you're anything like me, you invested most in your college friends and your hometown friendships just drifted away. That's ok! Be open to meeting new people. You're going to have to put yourself out there...maybe even invite yourself to things. Some of you may be moving home. Yes, it can be demoralizing. But have the conversation with your parents about boundaries. You're not 18 anymore and you haven't lived at home for four years. If that doesn't work, show them you're independent. Pick up a bill or two (if you have a job). Help around the house. Eventually, they'll get it. If not, go back to plan A.
  5. It's not that bad. Unfortunately, college doesn't totally prepare you for the real world. It's going to take some time to get used to, but continue to invest in your friendships from college but don't be afraid to make new ones. Grown-up world gets even sweeter when you bring in that first paycheck...and then the second. And then you'll love it when everyone is updating their status about finals and term papers and you're at happy hour. 
  6. Last one: have faith. I wouldn't be this positive about my life if I didn't have faith that my God is in control of everything and He has nothing else in mind for me but good. I don't know what tomorrow holds but I know my God is good. 

Romans 8:28

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