14 June 2010

Proud tourist.

I apologize for not writing!

Things have moved so fast in the past week and a routine is starting to set in. Even though, things have never been the same.

My first day at work was a little overwhelming but ended with me running into, yes, you heard me, running into the Lincoln Memorial. It was a beautiful sight, even on that muggy day. He's been my favorite president for a long time, but he is America's favorite isn't he?

My tour guide Ed, on Sunday (the third time I saw the memorial) had a great interpretation. Lincoln sits at his memorial, his size god like and his features somber, mostly because of the face. Lincoln never smiles, Ed says it's because he has 625,000 lives on his mind.

Heavy matters.

On a lighter note, slowly friendships are being formed. We all have to survive here, right?

The city really just never ge
ts old. And I hope it never does. There's so much to learn here and absorb.

Certain spots:
Korean War Memorial: there's no way you can walk through this and not feel like you're there.
The Old Post Office: has food from every continent and the Clock Tower is worth a tour.
Lincoln Memorial: make sure you stand from where MLK stood.
Vietnam Memorial: A 21 yr old Yale student designed it. There's so much significance in it, especially in the ability to see your reflection.
Washington Harbor: beautiful scenery. Tons of fancy restaurants and an ice cream place. See below.
DuPont: As the World Cup goes on, people gather at the square to watch the game from the big screens. Also, recent home to the gay parade.

--which reminds me, I saw a protest assembly. First one. It was for the deaths in Iran. Always good to remember and see the 1st Amendment at work at the place that it started.
Heidi's: yummy sandwiches.
Garrett's: we watched the USA v. England game there.
Gelato Dolce Vita-best red orange gelato EVER.

Need to still see: The White House, Capitol, Smithsonians, Spy Museum, Newseum, an Embassy? Let me know if you think of anything.

With everything, I still can't believe I'm here. To experience it all and figure out if life in politics is what I want--I hope these 2 months are all I need-- is a blessing in itself.

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