02 June 2010

Distractions from the North

For the last week, I was given the awesome opportunity to push back my anxieties about D.C and take a trip to Canada for my cousin's wedding reception.

For four and half days, all I did was catch up with long lost cousins and have a BLAST doing it. My cousins and I were born in the span of 7 years and with the drinking age in Canada being only 19, we were able to enjoy mature fun though we aren't that mature.

Ontario was beautiful, reminded me of the Bay Area. Though I was disappointed that I didn't run into one person with a Canadian accent. No eh. No weird "about". I did become a fan of Tim Horton's though I was skeptical.

Coming back to Dallas with only 3 days left until D.C is difficult to say the least. The days cannot pass by fast/slow enough. I'm halfway packed though I feel like I'm forgetting a lot.

Good news: with NY only 4 hours away from D.C., visits will be often. I also found a friend from TX that is in D.C for an internship as well! She lives minutes a way and will make this transition much easier. I've also been learning the metro route maps and I'm pretty sure I know how to get home and to work.

Great news: I've upgraded my wardrobe from scrubby college student to becoming intern in the city. I have the right shoes, slacks, tops, and my first skirt. Shocking, I know. I'm ready to take over I tell you!

Side note: Lucy had her puppies. All two of them. And very fitting, she had them the day I left for Canada. Oh, she was waiting. I wasn't as depressed as I thought I would be and they were still puppies when I came back.

Here's to the next few days. I'll be investing in (another) camera and trying to absorb as much of Dallas as I can--whatever that means.

Another note: I will not miss the intermittent internet at home or the scalding 100 degree weather.

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