07 June 2010


There's a lot I could talk about and I've only been here for a day. The moment I landed and drove into D.C., I was mesmerized by the surroundings. So many trees! I know we have trees in TX, but the northeast and its landscape always gets me. Interesting takeaways:

The Metro: Several of us confronted the metro head on on the first day we were here. The trek to the stop was..long. Sure, it's not long for those Washingtoners (?) but I definitely missed my candy apple Corolla. --sigh-- However, i couldn't have asked for a more beautiful city to walk through.

The buildings on campus all have a cathedral like feel. Tall, tall buildings. The brick and steeples reminded me of Baylor but Georgetown is older. The catholic tone is also interesting. There is a crucifix in every classroom and statues of Jesus, Mary and the saints scattered throughout, standing guard at all the dormitories. Made the campus almost seem foreign.

In D.C itself, I don't know to explain it. The city just has such personality. Boutiques everywhere. It really is NYC but clean! And people are nicer.

I had my first day of class today. Ethics for Journalism blah blah blah. The professor is charming. Looks and talks just like a professor of Georgetown should. Even has the Yankee background (brought up in the projects of NY) to add some color. The class was heated and discussions were saturated with outspoken thoughts. It should be an interesting 11 sessions.

One thing I was told that I don't want to forget: "Don't forget where you come from. D.C. is not the real world. The pulse of the people in Washington are often not like the pulse of the people of the rest of the country. That's why the American people are losing trust in the capital."

So I guess as long as I stay Texan, I'll be in pretty good shape.

-If you're buying stuff from stores, you have to pay 5 cents for every plastic bag you use!
-Recycling is the law.
-Most people you meet on the street are not from here. They are tourists.
-Everything is more expensive here.

More tomorrow.

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