07 February 2012

Cycle of inspiration

I finally ran 3.1 miles yesterday. It took 40 minutes and a lot of stopping, sipping of water, and yelling at myself. "I CAN'T DO THIS!" "I CAN DO THIS!" In the end, I had Beyonce and the Barenaked Ladies to thank for my ability to finally reach this milestone.

Three miles isn't much for the avid runner but for this couch potato, it is.
It's more than just the length--I've finally convinced myself that I can make it this far. And I need to because I signed up for another 5K for this Saturday.

The influence that peer pressure has is amazing.

My friends are running the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K this weekend and I couldn't be the only person that didn't run! Plus, there's a running jacket and chocolate involved. All I need is an incentive, people.

Last week, Maize, my lifelong BFFer, let me now that she was impressed that I was STILL running and how big of a turnaround from college. Most importantly, she mentioned that I inspired her.

Was she joking? She inspired me to begin with!

I realized how blessed I was to have friends that push me to live better.

Friends to make me run and not just be the skinny girl, but the skinny girl with muscle.

Friends to make me devote time in the morning to just me and God.

Friends to remind me that there's nothing better than getting mail.
And to never underestimate the need to invest in friendship.

Friends to motivate me to cook. (Ahem, work in progress.)

Friends that remind me that there's nowhere better to be but in the hand of God.

The cycle of inspiration continues. I can't take credit for most of my quirks. Perhaps you can't either.
And perhaps, that's the best thing ever.

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