27 April 2012

For those who don't know Sunnyvale

I pride myself on being from the town on Sunnyvale and on growing up in lil' ol' Mesquite.
I have so much pride that I get offended and switch the radio station when KISS FM makes fun of Mesquite citizens by wrongly  assuming we all have mullets.

My friends often scoff when I say I live in the country. Yes, there's a Walmart 2 miles away. There's actually two. And a Super Target. But NONE of them are in Sunnyvale, thus we retain the country feel. Even Wikipedia agrees with me.

I call a town "country" if there's undeveloped land and cattle grazing on said land a mile from your home.
Sunnyvale fulfills this category.

For those who don't know, Sunnyvale measure 16 square miles. Yep, that's it. Until a couple years ago, the town didn't have its own high school.

Anyway, if you're traveling east, don't blink or you'll miss it.

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