30 April 2012

The GMATs. (dun-dun-duuuunnnn)

All my life, I've thought of myself as a smart kid.


Because I'm officially too dumb to pass the GMAT on my own!
Darn my religious-undertone-filled liberal arts education! It did not prepare me for a mundane test full of numbers and words I've never seen before!

I took a practice exam and nailed the English/Reading section (of course) but then proceeded to miss more than half of the math questions. And duh, I don't need to practice the essay portion. I can write my way to Canada. But now, I continue to miss about half of the practice questions I try!

And so, since I'm not about to spend money on a test that tells me how much I'm not ready for business school, I'm now spending hard-earned cash on a month-long course that will teach me what I need to know for the GMAT. And then, once they teach me "all I need to know," I will spend even more money to take the test that lets me be considered for a spot in grad school this fall.


Does the bitterness bleed through your computer screen?

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