04 April 2012

In the Aftermath

Yesterday, 13 to 20 tornadoes ripped through Dallas. I mean, ALL of Dallas. At one point or another, the whole city was hiding in bathtubs, in stairwells and waiting for this disaster to pass so they could get out and survey the damage, take count of their families and rebuild.

One of tornadoes hit just a mile from my house. It's amazing to see the rubble that's left on one side and untouched buildings on the other. It really is a miracle that no one died.

My family and house are fine but I hope that if you are able, donate to the Red Cross or another relief organization. Others were not as fortunate.

A lot of mixed feelings were felt yesterday. After arriving home and finding everyone in one piece, I was able to relax head to bible study at The Porch. JP spoke on the power of God. Honestly, I have trouble grasping his power revealed on this Earth-- having faith that He is authoritative over all. My life doesn't reflect this faith. I worry, get anxious (though I was relatively calm yesterday) and don't take my burdens and cares to God. 

These tornadoes that tore through my town are not even glimpses of the power of God. 

I hope that thought brings you peace. I also hope that thought moves you to help those who are in need after this destruction. Because you have the All Powerful One on your side, aid those who need to see compassion and love. 

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