08 April 2012


Sundays are the best days.

The sun seems brighter.
Rain is welcomed.
There's always time for a nap or a book or an extra cup of coffee.

Sundays are my pep rally. I decided that today.
For the next 38 Sundays of the year and the rest of my life, I will not only celebrate the empty tomb of my Savior but get psyched for the war outside those church doors. My celebration is in vain if I don't consider the commission that comes after.

Get ready to gain another victory for my Lord. Put another point on the board. Tackle Satan and my habitual sin, my once-in-a-lifetime sin, my disgraceful words, thoughts or deeds that escape everyday.
But when He does get me, when I fumble, I will bask in the forgiveness that belongs to me, get up, dust myself off and keep running.

Because that's what today and this weekend is about.
I can mourn or wonder why He died for me, us--unworthy as we are. Or I can exclaim, rejoice that I'm on the winning team with an incredible coach.

Today we are victorious because He is Risen!

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