14 May 2012

I guess I can be friends with married people.

I have on fake nails. I haven't had fake nails since I was 16.

Today I have them on because this weekend, there is a special occasion. My best friends are getting married. To each other. And I get to witness this moment with many of our friends.

It's extremely exciting and nerve-wrecking, too!
This will be my first time at having married friends. And for a single girl, it can mean bad things.

Thankfully, I have friends that are mindful of their time and those around them but i'm aware that things may change:

First of all, Clayton won't have to come over anymore. Clayton will just be. 
I'll probably want to use the guest bathroom from now on.
No more trundle bed. 
I'll want to fall asleep before them.
No more just walking into Caro's bedroom. KNOCK ALWAYS.
Not all of the dresser drawers will be Caro's so check which side is hers before going through them.
We'll be listening to a lot less country.

Just to name a few.

Really though, this is the most exciting thing to happen. What more could a 23 year old that's still getting over college want? One of her two very best friends getting married to each other after a 3 year relationship that's destined to be.

I'll be balling my eyes out this weekend while thinking of all the memories to come.

1 comment:

  1. Lots of pluses there! Like the listening to less country.

    But I definitely understand the whole change from having single friends to married. Luckily they are 2 awesome people. Good luck to you!