25 May 2012

Taj Mahal or bust.

It's done.

I'm going to India in December!

I haven't been to the motherland in about 7 years and I miss it. That might be just nostaglia talking but we'll find out soon enough. I'll spend most of my time in Kerala (the jungle and rice paddies) but am hoping to see Taj Mahal and other sights on this trip.

It's sad that I've lived there and taken plenty of trips but never seen this wonder of the world.
At least that will change before 2013!

Other things I want to see and take pictures of:

Carved wood
Banana tree
The clothing store
A sari heap
My grandmother (aka: my future)
The fish market

My heart's leaping in excitement just thinking about all this.
Can't wait to share all of this with all of you!

Let's hope I don't get dehydrated/food poisoning/infections/lice.
Sadly, I've been there and done that and do not want to do it again.

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