02 November 2011


I don't do much of it. Don't get me wrong, i always try! There was that weight training class where I didn't push myself too hard and the moment I did (darn you short circuit training), I threw up. Somehow, I earned a B in that class.

Then there was my attempt at Spinning. I think I made it through two sessions and almost passed out through half of that.

Yoga wasn't too bad. I love Zumba. But now, I'm running.

I hated running for 22 years but now in my 23rd, I'm learning to enjoy it. There's a goal in mind: a 5K in March benefitting the Human Rights Inititative (HRI). There's also a free t-shirt involved.

With the assistance of a training schedule (if you're looking for one, try Couch to 5K) and three other ladies for moral support, I will be ready to run and able to do it with no huffing and puffing!

...hopefully, I won't give up.

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