03 August 2010


A month later I'm posting about my July 4th experience in the capital.
Oh well.

Friends could tell you that I anticipated this day. I even wore a red polka dotted dress to celebrate it. Honestly, there was this feeling in my heart that didn't go away. The whole country was celebrating its accomplishments, its hopes, and most of all, its blessings!

How blessed we are:
--to not have bombs dropped on us every day.
--to worship in a mostly free society.
--to say what's on your mind and not get killed for it.
--to live in a place where people can pursue their dreams and have a chance. A better chance than they would elsewhere.

I'm a patriotic Indian American which could come across weird. You just don't run into us everyday. But if anyone would know what the American dream was about, it may be my family. Only 30 something years ago, my aunts and uncles...and my dad came to America for a better life, NOT FOR THEM. No, they left everything they knew, to give me, my brother and my cousins a chance. And I am so ever grateful for that sacrifice.

So that's what I was thinking about when I watched the parade that serene morning. Or when I stood on the Capitol lawn and watched the most spectacular fireworks light up the sky that night.
My heart was full.

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