09 August 2010

Le Poisson is dead.

Le Poisson was the greatest fish alive. I would know. I've had a pet aquarium since I was seven. Many fish have crossed my path. Some have stayed close to my heart. Like Platy.
She was a smart one. Followed my finger, knew when food was close and always kept to herself. I wonder if the red and black was a subconscious choice. 

Oh and Rainbow. The biggest freshwater fish I had. He had dominion over the whole tank back in the day. 

After I left for college though, my tank was no longer mine. My parents bought a bigger aquarium and made it the icon of the living room. And I no longer have much choice about the fish that live in it. So my bffer (pronounce it like you see it) bought Le Poisson sophomore year.
His life was like any other betta. The occasional taunting and "Hey, let's see how he'll react to THIS!" Then, there was the infamous rescue. One spring night, La Poisson should have died, would have died, if he was any ordinary fish. Aperson who had poor judgment of his own weight jumped on the table La Poisson sat on and it came a'tumbling down. I wasn't there to see it, but we ALL heard it.


Somehow, he made it. And lived for more than a year after that. And though I wasn't near him when he said good bye, I know he was thankful for his life and the many women who looked after him. 

Well, so long La Poisson. Thanks for the memories. I know I never cleaned your tank, but you know I always loved you.


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