16 August 2010


Our church youth group outstretched our hands last Saturday to people who needed it.
At Solomon's Porch in South Dallas, we helped this center distribute clothes, food, love and God to the ones who longed for Him. To people who knew an emptiness that couldn't be filled by a meal.
This experience was so necessary. A lifecheck, really. Many of the people we encountered were humble,  sincere, hopeful, honest, and hard working. Their hearts were open toward Christ. The last picture reminded me of how we're all the same. I am no better than any one I met that day. No better or greater treasure is stored for me than for them.

We all deserve the same chance and Christ is the only one that gives it to us.
My hope is that I won't forget the people I met and they never think that they are forgotten.

(Manish John's photos are displayed above.)

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