09 August 2011

Planning=no fun.

Now that my friends and I have all graduated and live in "real world" and in four different cities, we have to PLAN to see each other.

Not a big deal, IF you're not a spontaneous person.

The kind of person who makes a trip to Waco on a Wednesday night because your friend is bored.
The kind of person who makes a trip to Missouri for a wedding and has to get there and back in three days.
The kind of person who has no idea what she's doing that weekend until... Friday.

The non-committal kind of person who'd rather not make plans in case something else comes up.
that's me.

And I have to make plans to see my friends...in SEPTEMBER? Really? It's going to be a whole different season by then.

Lame work schedules and limited vacation days. In one of the first interviews I had, the boss told me, "When you have money, you don't have time and when you have time, you don't have money."

Ain't that the gosh darn truth.

P.S--Maize and I (others are invited) will be backpacking through Europe in a couple of years...once we can afford it and have the vacation days. LOOK OUT FOR THAT BLOG JOURNEY.

Go ahead and plan ahead for that one. ;)

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  1. I know exactly what you mean!! I'm watching Southwest.com like a hawk to try and snag a deal to go visit Ashley in DC!