12 August 2011

Stranger Danger

My bestie Maizeanne will be taking off to Haiti early tomorrow morning for a week-long mission trip with a group of friends.

I'm excited (and jealous) for her. She has always had a heart for missions in Africa and abroad, specifically in French-speaking countries.

She's going to touch lives there, make a difference and come back with a new appreciation for her life, her blessings and possibly a refreshed perspective on life. The perspective of Christ, I hope.

At the same time, the week before has been one of anxiety and... well, it's just been plain scary.

Most recently, several storms have hit Haiti, increasing the outbreak of cholera and making it very hard ot maintain infrastructure there.

This report came out from the U.S Embassy and it scared her (us) even more.

If that wasn't enough, the weather is predicted to be stormy all of next week, making the purpose of Maize's trip (building houses) nearly impossible.

I'm so glad this information is out there. It keeps us aware about what's going on and ensures that groups who are willing to make that trip to a broken country take the necessary precautions before traveling.

At the same time, it either allows doubt to creep in or faith to grow stronger and deeper in Christ. It means that either you think this trip is going to suck and nothing is going to get done or you believe that God is going to surpass all human limitations to do something bigger and better than any one of us could fathom.

You know what's funny is I'll ask God for a burden, He gives me one and then I question whether or not I should do it, whether or not I'm capable, worthy...I become discouraged by the smallest things and forget... GOD GAVE ME THIS. Why am I questioning?

Every day is a new opportunity to do something in His name. Do we take it or do we run?

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