05 January 2012

Still committed!

It's been more than 3 months now and I'm still running strong! I don't think I've kept up with a hobby for this long.

My incentives and motivation include a new pair of (really cute) New Balance running shoes and a new iPod nano, complete with touchscreen. Whatever it takes, right?

I'm also an official registrant for the HRI 5K in Dallas!

If you're interested in joining, click here.
Costs to register are discounted until Sunday so don't wait! You have 3 more months to prepare which is ample time to get in shape!

The 5K takes place on the International Day for the Right to Truth, a day established by the UN to honor the memory of victims of human rights violations and emphasize the importance of their rights to justice and truth.

Speaking of justice, the recent Passion conference has highlighted the need to stop slavery and sex trafficking around the world. They've made it so easy to donate to these causes. This website shows you exactly where your money goes and there's no strings attached.

In this season of renewing commitments and starting new ones, seek out ways to support a worthwhile cause. Your time, donations and effort will never go unappreciated.

1 comment:

  1. Nincy! I'm registered for the Bearathon 5K - was going to do the half marathon but decided that I'd be crazy to do that and plan a wedding. Glad to hear you're still committed. I'm excited to train!