09 July 2012

Combating Bitterness.

Jealousy is part of human nature and something I have to mentally battle with. It showed up weeks ago when my brother got into an accident. He lost his car but we still have him, by God's grace. However my blood boiled when I found out that he snagged a deal on a Mercedes.

My younger 22-year-old brother is driving a Mercedes when I'm cruising in a Corolla. Just what I needed. 
The cherry on top? He received almost 10 grand for his old car, leaving him with only little to pay for his new car. 

It is so easy--innate, even--to lash out in this anger. To take it out on someone in hatred and bitterness. I had to ask myself, "Why am I not happy for him?" 

Take your anger to God. Forgive yourself and accept His mercies. Jealousy and bitterness are only consequences of pride. So squash your pride! 

Make an effort to be happy. This sounds crazy but your words can change your attitude. I grumbled a few words of kindness to my brother; an "I'm happy for you" and a "Oh, that's a really nice car--that's awesome!" a couple times and sure enough, it's true now. Best of all, I didn't hurt my brother in the process. This is another way to defeat your pride. As someone who faces it constantly, you have to want to change enough that you humble yourself. It's not a joke. Fleeting words will not cut it. 
Pride will eat at you and hinder your ability to obey God and His will for you. 

Bow down! It's not about you, friend. It's about Him who put you on this earth for his glory. 
Let Him shine through.

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