31 July 2012

Say Anything.

Or not.
I'm upset by how little we can say what we believe anymore.

At first, I wrote a highly critical response to the media and public's reaction to Don Cathy's statement about traditional marriage but been torn on publishing it.

Instead, I felt that a poem was more fitting and told the story of my heartache more accurately.

I look around and can't decide
I knew this would happen but it doesn't subside
The pain I feel knowing
I can't say anything at all 

My Bible says that
A union is between
A man and a woman
I live my life for God
And this is what I believe

I do not hate or disrespect
That's not what i'm called to
That's not what Jesus showed back

But I'm hated, persecuted
For these beliefs

I'm not hurting anyone
But they are hurting me.

When did having an opinion
Different from yours
Mean I was in the wrong?
Mean I deserve the worst?

Freedom of speech exists no more.
I'm a cynic like none before.
But I refuse to be apathetic.
That is what they want.

No, I will stay outspoken.
As the minority, I will not sway. 

Friends, the world will not get better.
It's fallen and its end is near.
Stay above it all and support your brethren
We must be here for one another. 

Those called to something bigger.
Stay true to His Word
And His blessings will come later. 

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