19 July 2011

My cup spills over. --Retreat 2011

There is so much to write about.

First, let me tell you about my anxiety before retreat. I wasn't sure why I was going except I knew that I needed to go. My brother was co-convener and spent countless days and nights preparing, praying and fundraising for this weekend. I've seen his bedroom light on past 10 pm and until recently that was unheard of in the Mathew household. But other than a genuine obligation to support my brother, I can't say I wanted to go to retreat for any other reason. I had not been to one since I was 16 and other than fellowship with my brothers and sisters, I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.

After this weekend, I can say that the fellowship is enough. It's been pounded through my head for the past couple years that Christianity is just as much about your own personal relationship with Christ as it is about investing in your community-believers and unbelievers. I'll even say you can't have one without the other.

There is an encouragement and conviction that comes from standing next to your sister and singing praises to our only King. There is strength that comes from sharing your needs and weaknesses in a small group. We need to know we are not alone.

On a lighter note!
Riding to retreat in the car that oinked.
Not checking the clock all weekend. (It's probably after midnight anyway.)
PTJ and TPN. Those who don't know wish they did. Those who don't which they didn't.
Feeling like a freshman again each time we went through the cafeteria to get food.
Having a spirit that lines up with my 12 year old friends more than my 22 year old ones. I've accepted that.
FOOSBALL CHAMPION and our victory dance.
Taking a thousand pictures with all the same people.

Each day was better than the last.

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