27 July 2011


 In exactly one month I will be attending my first legit concert and I am stoked.

My favorite country singer, Keith Urban is performing at the American Airlines Center. My sweetest friend and fellow country lover, Caroline will be witnessing this greatness beside me.

For those who have never heard of Keith, let me tell you that he's the epitome of man in many ways.

First, he's an Aussie which means he has that distinct "it's on the barbie" accent.
Second, he plays guitar. I wish he'd play me like that. <--I may regret this sentence later.
Third, he's a bad boy romantic. He sings about love better than any other singer I know. And he knows EXACTLY what a girl wants to hear.
The bad boy image comes from his tattoos, long, unwashed hair and earrings. We must not judge by the cover, friends.
Fourth, he's a family man. He sings about his wife and daughters all the time.

He's a great artist and underrated in the country music industry.

You wanna listen to him!? Here you go.

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