14 July 2011


My dad is into texting now. You could say it's my fault. I made it clear that I respond better to texts than voicemail messages or calls, especially when I'm out. So now he will randomly text me to ask me how I am, what I'm doing....if he needs something (like today he wanted my work address for the insurance company), he'll text me his question and expect me to respond. Right away.

But one thing stays the same. At the end of each text there's an LU.
Lu? Was this a mistake? Did his swollen fingers press down on the most random buttons on his BlackBerry? Was this short for some word in Malayalam that he just expected me to know!?!

Then I thought about it. Love you. It's sweet, right? That's kind of the way he talks, too.

He scolds me and then he hugs me and says he loves me. He tells me I'm skin and bones and I need to eat something and then he tells me he loves me. He makes fun of me for being lazy and messy and then he tells me he loves me.

I'm not very good at saying it back but today I sent a reply.

LU2. Chances are he got it.

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