07 July 2011

Fourth of July

Time is so limited nowadays!
I want to quickly talk about my 4th of July weekend.
First off, I had high expectations. Mostly, because I wanted it to somewhat be like my Fourth of July last year which I spent in Washington, DC. You can read about it here. Yes, I know. What was I thinking? Obviously, my experience in Dallas was not going to rival that of the nation's capital! But still, I had the expectations and I was guaranteed to be disappointed IF I wasn't going to be at all flexible and open-minded.

Do you feel a lesson coming on?

My weekend was great. A friend from Waco was able to randomly join me in Dallas and we partook in the American past time of eating dessert before dinner and watching fireworks-- evidently the best fireworks in the nation?-- from the service road of the Dallas North Tollway along with many other fellow Americans who were too lazy to drive through traffic and get to the park.

The fireworks were beautiful AND better than the ones in DC. The company also made the night sweeter.
But it was nothing like my holiday last year and that's ok. Isn't that what makes days special anyway? That none of them are ever the same? There I go being optimistic again...

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