01 July 2011

Survival kit for the newly working.

The work week is hard and it's easy to get stressed and overwhelmed.
These are just a couple of awesome things that keep me from going crazy.

1.) Twitter.
Now I'm not the best tweeterer, but twitter is where I learn most of my breaking news and necessary as well as unnecessary information. And seeing that a quick 2 minute glance down your feed is all you need to be up to date, it saves time as well. No need to isolate yourself from the world just because you're working. (Image link)

2.) Dresses.
You're reading the most of a very ungirly girl. I would never wear dresses but in this TX heat, I don't know how I survived. And if you're the low maintenance type, I ask you, what is more low maintenance than a dress?! Pull it on and go.

3.) Slatkin & Co. Candles
Currently, I burn tropical spice and citrus flower during my showers. I just have the tealights but they're strong candles and there are millions of scents. Buy here: Bath & Body Works

4.) Wedges.
Corporate America looks down upon flip-flops --the ultimate shoe in my (college kid) mind-- so I've had to upgrade to a shoe that makes it seem like I'm trying but is still comfortable for an 8 (or 10) hour workday. Again, if you're a low maintenance girl who has claustrophobic feet, buy a wedge. (Image link)

5.) Grooveshark.
I don't know how they do it, but this website allows to listen to as much music as you want with NO ADS. Yes, no ads. I stopped listening to Pandora a loooonng time ago. You should to. The website has virtually every song you can think of. Not much Keith Urban though. I try not to hold it against them.

I thought I was going to keep it to 5 but I just thought of one more.

6.) Nestle/ Carnation Breakfast Essentials
This breakfast drink saves my life. Before work, I do not have the time to make and eat a complete breakfast. It takes me 30 minutes to pick out my outfit for goodness sake. < I'm working on it.
This drink is packed with proteins and vitamins; you put 1/3 cup of powder into a cold glass of milk and stir. That's it! It's the perfect breakfast that you can drink on your commute and it holds your over till lunch. (Image link)

So you should get a twitter account, buy a dress (or two), a pair of wedges (or two), smelly candles, a grooveshark account and a breakfast drink.

A relatively cheap post, eh? What helps you survive your work week? 
P.S--Happy long weekend!

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