28 March 2012

I gotchu.

My college roomie is coming home to me tomorrow. The person I used to spend every day with for three years is now someone I see sparingly. Last Thanksgiving, specifically.

We have a list of things to do during this short weekend.
Shopping (duh) 
Photoshoot in bluebonnets
Baking (duh)
Going to sleep to Gilmore Girls (huge duh) 

You know, the traditional stuff.

This girl--we know the ins and outs of each other. We've been there through breakups, transitions, doubts, changes, church changes (it was Baylor), ALL OF IT. And what's even more amazing is I was GIVEN this girl.

Freshman year, I chose to go potluck. I knew no one coming to Baylor (this was a positive thing) and had no other choice. Anyone could have walked through that door on move in day. It could have been a cheerleader from Conroe, Texas. A home-schooled girl from Amarillo. A sorority chick from Austin.
But it was her. This pink-loving, short shorts-wearing, former model from Houston.

I'm proofreading for errors and realize it sounds like I'm in love with her. Well, I am!
She is my best friend and I don't plan on that changing.

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